Ruth A. Ihne, Attorney at Law

Ruth A. Ihne
Attorney at Law

Employment Lawyer
For New York

Experienced New York employment attorney providing employment law advice and representation to
New York Executives;
New York Managers; and
Highly-Compensated Analysts, Traders, Producers
or other Professionals or Managers working in New York City or elsewhere in
New York State.

New York employment law advice and representation for:
Executive Employment Contracts or any Executive Employment
Agreement, Executive Compensation Agreement, Offer Letter
or other Employment Contract
Executive Employment Separation Strategies and Negotiations or any
Executive Separation Agreement or Termination Agreement
Consulting Engagements or a Consulting Agreement
Employment Discrimination Claim Evaluation
Other Employment Dispute Evaluation
Any Other Significant Employment Law Issue.

If you are a New York executive, manager or highly-compensated professional, you can benefit from my extensive employment law experience and deep familiarity with the executive compensation and other employment concerns of:
Executives, Managers and other Professionals at Financial Services Companies
and Wall Street firms, such as
A Business Division Head
An Investment Banker or Investment Banking Team
A Commercial Banker
An Equity Research Analyst or Fixed Income Research Analyst
An Investment Representative
A Manager at any level
A Large Company Executive or Small Company Executive
A Not-For-Profit Organization Executive

Complex and high stakes executive, management or professional employment requires knowledgeable legal advice, both to understand risks and to protect legitimate interests.

If you are looking for a New York employment lawyer who is knowledgeable, seasoned, pragmatic, accessible and responsive, your search can end here.

Key characteristics of my employment law practice:
High quality work
Committed advocacy, coupled with a reasonable approach
Rapid turnaround, whenever feasible
Flexibility with respect to:
Means of conferring with clients (telephone, email, meetings); and
Attorney role during negotiations (i.e., background advice v. lead role)
Convenient early morning telephone conferences available for those
unable to take time from work

Education and experience include:
Yale Law School Juris Doctor degree.
Nine years of employment law responsibility for a top tier
New York financial services firm.
Eight years of employment law experience with a respected New York law firm.

Reasonable rates and considerate billing practices.

References available.