Ruth A. Ihne, Attorney at Law

Employment Contracts for Executives in New York City or elsewhere in New York State -- An Employment Agreement, Executive Compensation Agreement, Offer Letter or other Employment Contract

Employment lawyer offering experienced employment law advice and representation for a New York City executive or other New York executive, manager or highly-compensated professional who is considering an employment contract, employment agreement, executive compensatioin agreement or offer letter and terms such as:

  • A buyout of forfeited equity awards or of an unpaid bonus or other unpaid executive compensation or benefits from a prior employer.
  • A sign-on bonus or sign-on loan.
  • A bonus guarantee or guaranteed bonuses.
  • Standard equity awards or any special equity award or phantom equity award (e.g., restricted stock,restricted stock units, stock options, etc.).
  • A noncompete clause or noncompete agreement: e.g., a non-compete restriction in a New York employment contract, employment agreement or in an equity (restricted stock, restricted stock units or option) award document.
  • Any other restrictive covenants: e.g., a no-solicit obligation or a no-hire restriction.
  • Special proprietary trading compensation arrangements for highly-compensated traders or managers.
  • Special fund manager compensation terms or investment advisor compensation arrangements.
  • Management reporting line or relationships, title, duties and responsibilities for an executive, manager or highly-compensated professional.
  • Treatment of a sign-on, special equity award, bonus guarantee or other compensation on termination without cause, resignation with good reason, death or disability.
  • Definition of cause, good reason or disability.
  • A promissory note related to a sign-on bonus or sign-on loan.
  • A supplemental executive retirement plan or program (SERP) or other special or standard benefit program.
  • A special commission arrangement or special commission schedule for professionals paid on a commissioned basis.
  • Trailer payments or a trailer payment for an investment banker or other professional with respect to a deal or deals completed after separation from employment.
  • A special indemnity agreement or indemnity arrangement for a new executive, manager or highly-compensated professional with respect to possible legal proceedings brought by a prior employer.
  • An evergreen clause.
  • A press release for any new hire.
  • A dispute resolution provision.
I also offer New York employment law advice and practical guidance on steps a New York executive, manager or highly-compensated professional should take to reduce exposure to legal proceedings brought by a prior employer, especially when joining a competitor.