Ruth A. Ihne, Attorney at Law

Consulting Engagements or a Consulting Agreement

New York employment lawyer offering experienced legal advice and representation for professionals considering consultancy engagements or consulting agreements in New York City or elsewhere in New York State, including:

Advantages and disadvantages of consultancy.
Negotiating consulting agreement terms:

  • Scope of consulting work.
  • Consulting deliverables and deadlines.
  • Consultant's intellectual property rights.
  • Client oversight of consultatnt, point person and reporting relationships.
  • Consultant's confidentiality obligations.
  • Noncompete or other restrictive covenants such as:
    Non-compete restrictions demanded by important consulting clients.
    No-solicit and no-hire provisions.
  • Consulting compensation and payment terms.
  • A performance bonus or performance bonuses.
  • Term of consulting agreement and evergreen clauses.
  • Consulting termination provisions.
  • Dispute resolution terms.
  • Control of consultant's personnel provisions.
  • Background investigation and fingerprinting requirements for consultant's personnel.
  • An evergreen provision.